Creating a unique experience for truckers looking for used trucks

Arrow Trucks (and Volvo Trucks)
Project Overview
During my time at Acando, we partnered up with, using their technology stack to craft a world-class e-commerce solution for Volvo Trucks new startup Arrow Trucks. Arrow is an independent startup apart from Volvo Trucks but financially supported during initial years from Volvo.
My Contributions
I was assigned to the project as UX Design Lead and main concept developer. Initially, I did user research and supported our Business Analyst writing Requirements and User Stories. Onwards I did all the design phases, and for some parts led designers on an hourly basis in the project. I was responsible for delivering handoff to developers and keeping business stakeholders up to date around the design phase in the project.
UX Lead
Coordinating design work, being a stakeholder towards business, driving design work forward.
Augusti 2018 - December 2018

Introduction & Problem statement

Arrow had previously made a product market fit check as well as some initial user research to analyze the user needs. Framing the business to fit the following scenario: "Road carriers west of Europe buys lots of new trucks and trailers, which are quite expensive. To finance the trucks they need to sell the old trucks that needed to be replaced by new ones. Eastern Europe road carrier firms have a clear need for increasing their business and expanding the fleet. To continue a sustainable business, both ecological and economical they choose to buy used trucks. Arrow trucks saw a hole in the market here, Western road carrier firms want to sell used trucks and eastern road carrier firms want to buy"

The problem that the buyers were facing was that it was hard to find trucks, view condition, and specifications. Once they found a truck they usually need to hire a firm to do an independent checkup of the truck, as well as test drive themselves. These procedures end up in being a big cost and time expense. Also, Arrow saw an opportunity in enabling great finance options and cost simulation tools to the buyers.

Sellers of trucks were facing issues finding a reliable platform that could help them sell their truck, and taking care of the whole process managing the truck deal between buyer and seller.

Project goals and success metrics

Project main goal was decided in collaboration with the client and investors of Arrow.

  • Sell first truck thru the site one month after launch
  • Have at least 10 chats with potential buyers during the first 14 days of launch
  • Have an assortment of at least 10 trucks within 4 months

Project activities

Before we started the project there had been some initial user research done by an independent user research firm. To plan the project. UX wise we used the research to see what we already knew about our users.


  • Analyze user research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Conduct user interviews with “Buyers”
  • Define requirements and user stories


  • Sketching
  • Creating wireframes and testing with users
  • Visual design


  • Prototypes
  • Usability testing
  • Iterations


As the project was developed in an agile way, the developers already had started to develop databases and infrastructure, at the same time the design phase started. We did continuously handoff the project bits to the developers. A new way of working for me in the context of creating a new product, but it worked out well and during demos, we demoed both development stuff as well as designs.

User types

There are 2 types of main personas, Buyers and Sellers.


  • Wants to feel safe during the purchase process of trucks
  • Needs to be able to ask questions about trucks easily
  • Contact information is key
  • Search and filter trucks based on expectations. Buyers really know what the want and know the good specifications
  • Imagery is important to be able to view the truck for as real as possible so that users do not need to travel to the physical location for test drives


  • One stop for selling to the truck broker(Arrow)
  • Trust in the finance process
  • Make sure that they get good rates for used trucks


We’ve worked in a completely agile way, focusing on delivering an MVP.

Included in MVP Scope

  • Landing page
  • Trucks overview
  • Trucks search & filter
  • Truck details
  • Contact ways
  • Privacy & Legal pages
  • 404 pages
  • Book a truck(show interest)